This is Angelica Esperanza Sandoval:

Angelica was 21  years old when she was last seen in her home on the 700 block of 13th street in Alamosa, Colorado on February 23rd, 2011. A neighbor later reported seeing her bring her laundry, 1-year-old daughter, and purse into the home. This was the last time she would be seen or heard from.

The day she disappeared, her car door was found open and her purse on the ground before it. Messages were left in the snow not far from where Angelica vanished, though it's unclear if they were connected or even what they said.

Angelica was supposed to testify against a man named Jose "Demon" Meraz 10 days after her disappearance. Meraz was being charged with breaking into her home in November of 2010, putting a gun to her head, dragging her through her home by her hair, tying her up with duct tape, and demanding money. When the man showed intentions of sexually assaulting her, Angelica begged not to be raped in front of her daughter, at which point Meraz allegedly left the house and boasted about gang-ties. When interviewed by police, Angelica identified him by his tattoos and voice. Meraz has been questioned about Angelica's disappearance, but denies any involvement. Because Angelica was the only witness in the 2010 case against Meraz, the charges were dropped. Angelica left behind a 1-year-old daughter and remains missing.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance or whereabouts of Angelica Sandoval, you are encouraged to contact the Alamosa Crime Stoppers at 719-589-4111.

DOB: 10/19/1989
Description: Angelica was 4'11 and 105 pounds at the time of her disappearance. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing a turquoise tank top, light colored jeans, and white high-top shoes. She has several tattoos including paw prints on her torso, the words "Sad Girl" on her knuckles, "Faith" behind her right ear, the name "Lariah" on her left shoulder, a butterfly on her right shoulder (pictured above), and tattoos on her neck and wrist. Her lower lip is pierced on the left side and her ears are pierced. She smokes cigarettes.

Tribal Information: Unknown



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